Stella - Deluxe Box

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Stella - Deluxe Box

this is something really special! I put together a Box to show you more about my second home Sicily.
Everything is handmade and manufactured with grande Amore in Sicily and Berlin.
The CookBook contains recipes from my beloved Nonne and I only choose dishes I really love.
I hope you enjoy my music while making a good Pasta Norma and dream of endless summer days at the beach…

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Art: Box
Stella Deluxe Box, Ltd. Edition

* "Stella" CD (signiert, wenn gewünscht)
* "Stella" Vinyl (signiert, wenn gewünscht)
* Download Code
* Pizza Pasta Vasta - Bag
* „Pasta alla Vasta“ Kochbuch (Luca's sizilianische Lieblingsrezepte)
* Vasta Pasta Rezeptkarte
* Spaghetti Portionierer
* signierte Postkarte

1. Modica
2. Old Italian Songs
3. Let Him Go
4. Scenes
5. Rosa
6. Oblivion
7. Stella
8. American Dream
9. Melancholia
10. Time
11. Sicilian Coast